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Planning Center Integration

We're making it easier to get access to all things Bethel.
Please be on the lookout for upcoming announcements and updates!

Accessing Your Financial Report

Dear Bethel Supporter,

Thank you for your generosity to Bethel AME Church.  We are looking to make it easier for you to check on your giving to Bethel.  You can check in with either your phone or laptop.  In both cases you will be using Church Center to access the information.  Church Center is a powerful tool that will help Bethel serve you better.


Using Your Phone

Please follow the video below for complete instructions to install Church Center on your phone.  The instructions are for Android phones but it should be similar for iPhones but with App Store rather than Play Store.




Using Your Computer

1. Please go to

2. Click on Login in the upper right corner

3. You can now use your phone number or email to login to your account within Bethel Church Center.

4. After you have logged in return to the upper right corner and now you should see your name.  Click on your name and select Profile

5. Now you will see your Bethel Profile information.  The first option will be My Giving.  Click and now you will see a history of giving for the last year.


More about Giving

You will notice that there are a number of features that we have not discussed.  We thought just letting you see your Report is a good starting point.  If you want to start using the Giving features for your tithes or offerings, please feel free.  We have been testing it since last January to work out the kinks and make sure it works well.  If you want to get more information before starting, you can do that too.


More Information about Church Center

Church Center is a powerful tool that supports thousands of churches around the world.  It is built to be simple and easy to use.  We have been using features for our Music Ministry and Youth programming for several years now.  The Prayer Ministry has found it very helpful to manage groups.  We are now looking to expand its use elsewhere in the church.  In the coming months expect to get additional announcements about features but you should feel free to explore and use its power without waiting if you want.

If you want to learn more about Church Center and Planning Center, you can visit their website at

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