Shatter the Silence Ministry:

Vision, Mission and Key Tenets

 Vision: To give voice, resources and support to victims of sexual trauma and the churches who serve them, so that healing can begin.


Mission: To facilitate healing and equip our community. The Shatter the Silence Ministry serves two audiences: the first of which is those who have experienced sexual trauma in the past and are ready to start the healing process; the second is those who encounter or may encounter survivors of sexual trauma and want to be equipped to help. This mission has three areas of focus:


  1. Healing –  The church is a place of healing in the spiritual sense and we believe that this healing is available to those with sexual trauma- in all areas. This area offers two paths of engagement: group story circles and individual guidance.
  2.  Training – The ministry seeks to train lay people, allies, families and bystanders to address this particular need within a church context and beyond.
  3. Preaching and Teaching – In important focus is equipping lay people  and leadership to address and process the topic of sexual violence from a Biblical foundation. This will include establishing the use of the fine arts as a tool for intervention, training and healing.  


Key Tenets:

– We believe that the church should be a place for healing and seek to create a safe place to share stories and address the topic of sexual victimization.

-We believe that silence around topics of trauma empowers the oppressor and further traumatizes the victim. We therefore vow to shatter that silence through constant conversation from the pulpit, in classes, meetings,, training sessions, and healing circles.

– We believe that the term “sexual victimization” encompasses the range of traumatic circumstances one may have experienced and names the acts as victimizing. We also believe that all who have experienced this are survivors and we hope to be a part of the road to thriving.

-We believe that healing is a cyclical process and that “healed” is not always the end result.

-We believe in the power of therapy to help on the journey of healing.

– We believe that men are victims and survivors, too, and we encourage men to engage with this ministry as participants and/or trainers and teachers.