Discipleship (Education) Ministries


Church School

Teaches, trains, nurtures and prepares adults and children in God’s word for Christian service, emphasizing those Christian principles that are essential for effective Christian growth and participation.  The Ministry has a wide range of teaching activities and classes for all age groups.

Contact: Rev. Jamison Collier, jcollier@bethelboston.org

Married Couples Ministry

Promotes healthy marriages by educating, supporting and counseling couples—engaged or married—using biblical principles.

Contact: Rev. Al and Joyce Tyson

Men’s Fellowship Ministry (The Brotherhood)

Convenes monthly meetings and special events for men of all ages. We provide opportunities for fellowship and a deeper understanding of a man’s call to be a Godly servant-leader in the home, Church, community, and workplace.

Contact: Rev. Bob Gray, Pastorbob@betheboston.org

Women’s Ministry

Prepares a community of women through study, fellowship, prayer, and retreats for works of service and for growth in the knowledge of Christ.

Contact: Linda Turnbull