Don’t miss our exciting lineup of subjects

for the Wed night Bible Study,

held at 7 pm in the Youth Center.


Wed, Sep 21

Pastor Bob Gray answers the question, “Why Do People Turn Away from Jesus” for the first hour and for the final 30 minutes Pastor Hammond will introduce the series, “Forgiveness: Everybody Wants It, But Few Give It Away”

Wed, Sep 28

Licentiate Tanya Miller will be leading a study of 1 Corinthians 13 and asking in a world of war, terror, and division, “What’s Love God to Do with It?” Come prepared for an in-depth study and discussion of a crucial Bible chapter.


Wed, Oct 5 and 12

Pastor Ray – “Forgiveness: Everybody Wants It, But Few Give It Away”

Wed, Oct 19 thru Nov 16

Bro. Banfield will be teaching the next part of his series on Faith and Popular Culture, entitled “Magazines, Movies, Music, Movements and The Messiah.” You’ll enjoy this exciting exploration of God (and Christians) showing up in the most unlikely places.
Don’t miss your spiritual meal and your faith fuel.
God bless you!